About Us

Cherry Blossoms SmallThe Henrietta Foundation Inc. (HFI) was founded in 2000 by a few community members who were interested in preserving and protecting Henrietta™s scenic, natural resources for public benefit. We have developed and now maintain the Lehigh Valley Trail, a groomed pathway for hiking, running, bicycling, and nature walks.

Hannahon TrailThe Foundation maintains close ties with other organizations that share our goals, including the Town of Henrietta and the Rotary Club. We belong to the Land Trust Alliance and the Genesee Region Trails Coalition.  Through these collaborations, we strive to establish and promote programs that educate the public about local environmental issues as well as programs that help us monitor and preserve the town’s natural resources.

HFI is a 501 (c)(3) organization registered as a New York state charity and also functions as a conservation land trust for property donated to or acquired by the Foundation.

HFI 501c3